Amazon with Freeway Flippers!

We finally got our podcast out on the airwaves and we are so excited! Go take a listen, click the subscribe button and don’t miss an episode! We are putting together a great networking place for all you resellers!

We have a very special guest on this first episode – Liz Kellogg of the Freeway Flippers joins us and gives us some inspiring strategy to start your Amazon business today with books!!

I have already started working on my Amazon account after talking with Liz, so you book sellers out there beware – The Road Reseller is coming to your town!!

Click on the link below to listen in! Subscribe and don’t miss another show!!

While your there if you like what we are trying to start….. Click that SUPPORT link and help us keep this podcast coming out to everyone!

We are having so much fun talking with people and networking about reselling and life on the road! Come join the ride with us!

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