Every day millions or possibly billions of dollars change hands from the comfort of homes. More and more people are turning to e-commerce everyday and the traditional stores are closing their doors. So you want to get your hands on your piece of the pie and become financially independent to be able to travel more? There is one place to get a good taste before buying the the whole dessert, EBay!

Alive and Well!

There is a myth out there in the e-commerce circles that EBay is a washed up, past it’s time and not a good way of doing business. This is a HUGE myth, EBay is alive and well today with many sellers doing better than ever! Don’t believe me – Try it out here! Yeah, click that link and search for anything that you were going to buy at Amazon this week. My bet is you find it, the shipping will be comparable and you will get a better price! There are over 179 million active users on EBay and that is a whole lot of customers for you to have on your first day of your e-commerce life!

Having access to that many individuals at your fingertips will help you start growing quickly and help you reach your travel goals. We purchased our travel trailer, truck and renovation items with money we earned selling items on EBay. You can do this too!

I will not disagree with the hordes out there when they say that the fees and some of the rules are not in the sellers interest. That is a given, EBay is a business and it has to make it’s money. But the fee’s are less than 20% on most items and that is what your local yokel auctioneer will give you to sell items to only 100 people. Besides, if you started counting up the advertising dollars, website design dollars and card processing fees to start your own store online, the fees look like chump change! Even if you jump right in head first and open an EBay store, which by the way you can start for less than $10 a month now, it still crushes the amount of money you will spend starting your own store online!

The other thing to put in perspective at this point in 2019, there are a lot of sellers jumping ship from EBay to competitors like Poshmark, Amazon, Etsy or Mercari. So your competitors are leaving the area you want to sell in? That sounds like a perfect opportunity to me! Much like a stock broker who buys the stock when it is down and sells when it comes back up, you can ride this wave of good fortune. Studies have shown that many sellers who leave EBay actually come back to the site in some fashion or another, which proves it is still a very viable and competitive option for the new comer to e-commerce.

This is Your Year!

So you have decided this will be your year to start your own e-commerce business and break free from the chains of your 9 to 5 job!

That is great! But why not wet your toes first, before taking the major plunge! EBay can give you that freedom without you having to give up everything right off the bat or investing a ton of up front money. It allows you to work part time until you know it is for you, it is not an easy business. You have to hustle every day to keep it running. Keep your day job, your medical and your little bit of security while you build your online business.

Use your weekends and spare time to find inventory, list and sell items. Use that extra money you make from EBay to build up your company to the point where leaving your boring day job is a must to keep up with it all. Then fire your boss! After that you can take the extra time you just acquired to focus on expanding your business to other selling sites or possibly at this time start your own website. A gradual, succession of events will leave you feeling like you cannot lose!

The Best?

Am I getting paid by EBay to write this little blurb in the universe to you, no I am not. (I wish I was!) Do I think that Ebay is the best way to sell your items on the internet, no. My belief is that EBay is still the best low cost, low risk and most profitable starting point for someone entertaining the thoughts of starting an e-commerce business. Read below for some great reasons why!

  1. You can start today! Sign up, find something in the house you don’t use, take a picture, write a few details and list it! No risk or cost there and it took you an hour maybe.
  2. As you learn more about the way your listing gets noticed, you start to learn a little about SEO. That is search engine optimization for those that don’t know. EBay’s is different than Google, but it gets your wheels turning in the right direction without having to try your hand out on the open web first.
  3. You learn customer service, how to promote your items and how to take pictures of your items. All these things will help you bring your own store to the forefront faster when it is time!
  4. It can even help you find the niche that you want to truly work with. Many sellers start out selling general merchandise, just anything they can get their hands on to turn a profit. (This is how we still sell at Downsize2Drive) But after a while, many people boil it down to something they are truly passionate about and become an expert in that category!

These are just a few ways that starting an EBay business can help you reach your traveling goals. But like I said, don’t just take my word for it… Go, Look and Try it out here first! You will be amazed at what you can sell or buy on EBay!

If you have heard about affiliate marketing, then you have heard Amazon is a major player for bloggers and vloggers today! Did you know that you can do the same thing with EBay? Send us an email and we can show you how! Or if you just feel like purchasing anything today, click on any of the Blue links above. Some take you to EBay’s home page where anything you purchase gives us a small commission with no extra charge to you! There are also links to our EBay page where you can see the items we have available at this time!

Reach us on any of our social media outlets at anytime!

Thanks for taking the time today to visit our site, we hope you enjoyed it!


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We are a family who sold it all to hit the road in summer of 2019! Follow along with us on your favorite social media site today!

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