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Change attracts attention!

It has been a little while since I had time to sit down and scratch some words on the old notebook. We very recently made a huge life change and the differences of opinions from those around us have sparked some very deep thinking in me. If you have been following us here, on instagram (@downsize2drive) or possibly Facebook (Downsize2drive) then you know we made it official and moved in full time to our travel trailer! We were extremely excited for the change and the last month of downsizing was quite the challenge.

During the last month of downsizing we held 3 huge estate sales and we sold it all! Literally, a lady came the last hour and bought everything we had left. It was awesome! We advertised way over the top and put it out to the world what our plan was. That advertising made the sales extremely interesting, because this big of a change – attracts a lot of attention!

The Good!

First of all, this is a thanks to everyone that has supported our decision along the way. It is a tough decision to go against the grain and take a leap of faith, but I think that is what makes it so great. Not everyone can do it, we spoke to many people at the estate sales that congratulated us and wished they had could take that leap. Now, we know that anyone can do it and we proved it over the last 6 months. But not everyone is willing to step out of that comfort zone and that is perfectly understandable.

If you are still on the fence and would like to find out more about how we did it, send us a message on any of our social outlets anytime. We love to talk with like minded souls out there!

We had so many people come out that just wanted to help us out and get us going. Even if we didn’t have what they wanted, they offered encouragement (pretty sure a few of them bought some small items to help out) and some very motivating words for our family. Heidi and I were blown away by many older individuals who were all for it and said we were doing it the right way

Don’t wait they said, do it now and enjoy life!

Seeing these people who have lived long lives and were giving that advice just pumped us up even more for the change, it made us feel our decision had a solid foundation. Others wanted to come out an find out how to follow our journey or just to ask how the heck we came up with this crazy idea, but every person that came out was there to support our decision, it was extremely uplifting and inspiring!

But then we actually moved in……….

The Bad!

It didn’t happen until after we moved in, but it did happen, the downers caught up to us. Yeah they are out there, the party poopers!

The first encounter was at a garage sale I was attending. We work online as resellers, so we are always out and about hitting up the local sales and auctions to keep our inventory full. Well right in the middle of working, I was hit by my first negative comment from 3 different ladies who were running the sale. I noticed their prices were right at a point where I knew they were resellers as well, so I struck up a conversation about it. They were very happy go lucky until I mentioned my family lived in our RV and our two youngest kids were home schooled. Their attitudes changed very quickly toward me and then the negative words began to vomit out of the mouths of these three previously lovely ladies, lol.

“O, I would not like to drag my kids around and away from home all the time”

“Those kids will not get any social interaction growing up”

Isn’t it very tight in the RV”

O yeah, on and on it goes until I made a few purchases then onto my next garage sale. Yes, I had answers to all the ramblings but life is too short to get your feet stuck in the mud. You have to keep moving!

The next one was not a negative comment, but actually a person who was trying to be a help. Yes, they were concerned for our oldest daughter who is a senior this year. The word got around that our family had moved into a “trailer” at the school and something awful must have happened to us.

Our oldest daughter is getting ready for a new chapter in her own life and is not going to travel with us. For that reason, she will be staying in the RV until after her graduation and then already has plans concreted for the summer. Since it is only a little over a month until graduation, she has taken a lot of her things and stored them in her truck for her move. This seemed to give the impression to some that she is possibly homeless or has no place to call home. She was approached by a teacher who meant only well, but offered her a place to stay. I will be the first to say this is very admirable, but unnecessary as my daughter explained to her.

Misconception can be an evil thing, the old saying “don’t judge a book by its cover” is such a wise piece of advice that many should learn….

It is sometimes hard for people to understand that this is a life we chose, not a life thrust upon us. We downsized for specific reasons like less financial burden, spending more quality time with our kids and to enjoy the wonders that are out there to find.

What Matters…..

We have seen the highs – motivating, inspiring and helpful people already in the beginning of our new journey! We have also seen the lows – misconception, negativity and misunderstanding that tried to enter our path.

What matters is our path and our path alone.

Each person can carve their own road to what makes them happy and not a single road will look the same.

If you love your home out in the country, your happy and content – then by all means that is where you should be!

If we want to move into an RV, live shoulder to shoulder and travel to see things others will never get to see, then that is our path to happiness.

There is no one perfect way to live this life. It takes all kinds to make up this beautiful world. As we move along our journey, I am sure we will experiences more highs and lows, but one thing is for sure – we will stay our path.

We would love for you to join along the road with us, message us and find out the path that brings you the most enjoyment out of life!


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