E-commerce for Travel Goals: Where to Start?

Every day millions or possibly billions of dollars change hands from the comfort of homes. More and more people are turning to e-commerce everyday and the traditional stores are closing their doors. So you want to get your hands on your piece of the pie and become financially independent to be able to travel more? […]

Settling In (Our First Three Weeks)

The first three weeks of our full time RV adventure was more like an old two lane back road full of twists and turns than a flat, wide, four lane highway. To say the least it has been an adventure already – full of new mistakes, a few surprises and a whole lot of thought […]

You live in what?

Nice Vintage Canned Ham! Change attracts attention! It has been a little while since I had time to sit down and scratch some words on the old notebook. We very recently made a huge life change and the differences of opinions from those around us have sparked some very deep thinking in me. If you […]