You Have To Get Started or You Go Nowhere!

If you are like us, there is always something pulling at us to just go!  Jump on a flight to Florida, hop the next cruise to Mexico or get in the car just to see where it may take us that day.  Then we would come back home and after a few days the wanderlust would set in again.  Where was the next adventure?  Why didn’t we stay longer? Lastly, why do we come back?

That last question was always the biggest.   Then we started really thinking about it.  We are not attached to anything or any place, we do not have a huge mortgage over our heads, no car payments, no huge careers that we just can’t leave.  That is when our question became a statement.  Let’s get started!

Where are you starting from?

There is always a starting point and those points are not always in the same place.  If your last name is Gates or maybe Trump, then go buy your RV, accessories,  leave out tomorrow with all the bells and whistles attached.  It is that easy.

Of course most of us don’t have that luxury, but we can have a lot of the same luxuries if we decide to get started.  You see it is not necessary to have all the latest gadgets and gizmo’s out there to start this life or to live it very well.  You do not need the $80,000 dollar trailer loaded down with $50,000 dollars worth of things being towed with a $90,000 dollar truck.  If you have that much then by all means get it, but if you don’t then use what you got!  

Yes, that is what I said.  Use what you have right now, to live right now!  Your decision is made to live your dream, so don’t make excuses now to back out.  Items you NEED are very different than items you WANT in this life.  So this starting point takes a little self reflection to get going.

How many people are in your family?  Are you going solo?  Do you have an RV now or do you need to buy one?  There will be a ton of questions in the beginning, but it is absolutely necessary to be true with yourself in the beginning.  Take us for example – we did not own an RV in the beginning and we did not have the bank account to go buy a new one, so we started downsizing to use what we had at that time to get us where we wanted to be.  We quickly started realizing that we didn’t want to spend a ton of money on the RV, vehicles and things to fill them up.  We wanted them to get us to where we wanted to go, then spend our money on the exciting things!  So we sold everything little by little and bought used to save our money.  It got us on the road quicker and with ZERO Debt!  

Find your starting point and go from there!

Use What You Got!

Check out the picture to the right and then listen to your inner thoughts.  Those thoughts will go one of three ways –

(1.) We wouldn’t WANT that old thing! 

(2.) Yeah it might work, until we can upgrade.

(3.) That is awesome, just what we NEED!

See the differences in those three sentences?  Are you out to show off your RV to all those people that think you are crazy for living in one anyway or are you wanting an RV that fills your NEED and gets you to the places that you WANT to be?  That is our travel trailer in the picture above, on the day we brought it home.  It might have well been the Taj Mahal to us, because it was in excellent shape, had great storage, bunks for the kids and was the exact length we were looking for.  We were definitely number 3, WOW THIS IS AWESOME, just what we NEED!

Now, we used what we had to purchase that RV also.  It took us 4 months to sell the things we had, resell items we purchased to flip and scrounge up some savings from our checks.  We earned that trailer with a lot of hard work and to us it is a symbol of our tenacity to live the full time traveling life. 

Some of you will have a house to sell, some extra vehicles, maybe you have 10 televisions or a garage full of tools to get rid of.  It will be different for everyone, but you just have to use what you have and plan accordingly.

Do What You Can!

Set a date or dates.  Then your plan can revolve around that time frame.  We will be full time stationary by March 31st of 2019 and then traveling full time by September 9th of 2019, you all an mark your calendars!  We have several smaller goals along the way that will help us reach the ultimate goal we have in mind.  We have already set a milestone by purchasing our travel trailer one month ahead of our original date.  Our next big ticket item up is a truck.  Right now, we have two SUV’s that will pull the trailer and let us use it close to home.  What we WANT is a 2019 Ford F350 long bed dually with a Powerstroke Diesel engine!!!!!  But what we NEED is something in our cash price range that will safely tow our rig and keep us debt free.  O yeah, there is a HUGE difference!  

Don’t let the material things cause you an excuse to miss out on fulfilling your dream of travel.  Do what you can, your time line my be shorter or longer than ours.  It may take you 3 months, a year or maybe two years to hit your goal, but if your moving forward and doing what you can – then you are winning!

Don’t Make Excuses, Just See Results!

Do what you can with what you have.  Remember you are choosing to RV full time for more freedom with your family and see things you may never get another chance to see.  The RV is just a place to lay the head down at night and get you where you want to be.  

Don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone to reach your final goal quicker!  The creature comforts that are available in a traditional home can sometimes pull a person back in and second guess their decision.  Keep asking yourself, do I want to sit here in my comfortable home day in and day out or do I want to experience amazing things out on the road?  What will I miss today, because I wanted 7 gallons of hot water instead of 6?  


Take that advice and go live your dream!


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We are a family who sold it all to hit the road in summer of 2019! Follow along with us on your favorite social media site today!

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