Are You Ready to RV?

Your Home!

The American home is a pillar of the American dream.  It is a monument to something you achieved in our life and it is something many build their dreams around.

Well what if your American dream home had wheels?  Just think of where it could take you!  That is right, many people are ditching the traditional home to live in an RV and chase after their other dream – travel!

There are many ways to live your life and not one is the correct one for everybody.  It is a personal preference, but today we want to see if you are ready to RV!

Can You Live with Less?

Most American homes are filled with items that are not used or needed, they are luxuries that are nice to have when the time arises that they are useful.  That tool that you bought that only cuts a perfect circle in a 2×6 or that makeup that you only use once a year at the company Christmas party.  You know what I am talking about, we all have them.  They are nice to have when the need slaps you in the face, but most of the time they are junk sitting in the corner drawer.

Could you give it all up to live a life full of experiences?  Would you give it all up to see every state in our great nation and the treasures they hold?  Trade all the material things to become wealthy with moments that will last you a lifetime?

If you said yes, maybe living in an RV full time is for you!  Read on with us as we discuss some pro’s and con’s to this style of living, decide for yourself if this could be the lifestyle for you!

Giving Up “Things”

First off, it is very easy to see that to live in an RV – your things have to go!  The average American home is 1500 square feet, you will have to downsize all the items in that house into less than 250 square feet.  Intimidating?  Yes it can be for many people and many would not even consider living in that small of a space.

So here is the first con – you have to minimize the material things you have down to items that are essential and will be able to travel with you.  It is a tough thing to do, I will admit.  There are a lot of things that I dream of owning or wish I could have kept, but here comes the pro –

  I have less things to maintain and more time with my family!  Enjoying the great places that we travel to. 

How about you?  It comes down to what you want out of your life.  Many people are perfectly happy in their dream homes, taking a vacation once a year somewhere and go about their daily routines.  Others like us, can’t sit still long enough to watch a movie before being bored and needing adventure.  It depends on you!


Too hot or cold, no problem let me adjust that for you!  Well in an RV that may not be so easy.  Yes, they come with heat and air but unless your staying in an RV resort all the time it is a little trickier to use.  Many RV’ers dry camp without hookup in amazing locations but unless they have a huge solar panel system they will be without some creature comforts.  Many move with the weather for this reason, staying in climates that suit their needs at the time.

The other thing is water, RV’s only have a certain carrying capacity to store water.  This causes you to be very careful with water consumption.  It is not like a sticks and bricks home where you leave the water on while brushing your teeth!  (Yes I know some of you do it!)

You carry your waste with you!  Yep, that is a nice way to say POOP!  Then you dump it yourself also.  There is not flush and it goes away forever here.  Another thing to keep in your mind at all times, you do not want to overfill your black tank!

So many cons right there, so why would anyone deal with all this stuff?  Why not just live with all the creature comforts we grew up with?  What are the pro’s –

We do not have to live stationary!  Our home goes with us to amazing places and our backyard constantly changes.

Those that look for adventure fill their souls up with different places and moments.  There are others that find their dream in a perfect location and reside in a stationary dream home.

Rely On Yourself

This is a big one!  Stable career with health insurance and a very good wage, why would I give that up?  I could just wait until I retire to travel.  Well yes you could if you make it there.  The sad truth is most people don’t or they are not healthy enough to enjoy retirement after waiting it out.

This is a tough question and a huge con if you have a great career.  Sometimes the career can travel with you and that is the perfect situation, but that is not always the case.  You may have to get creative in this area to begin your travels, try new things and live on less!  The pro –

You can rely on yourself, there are many ways to make money!  Money is just a tool to use, it does not own or possess you.  Once you learn to live with less, the less money you need to live life to the fullest!

Along the road, there are so many different ways to find work to put a little change in your pocket.  Many find more stability in believing in themselves than a company.  Others need that company to stand with them and are more secure in the routine of their daily life.  The great thing, is it is your life to decide!

Ready to Live Your Dream?

 There are so many things to consider when looking into the full time RV life.  It is not a life for everyone, it is a life for the adventurer.  The person that will trade away the small comforts and live a little on the rugged side, but will gain so many stories to tell.  The moments that they will have with family and friends will outweigh all the material items that they could have had.  They are not on this earth to hear about things, they are here to do those things!

Are you ready to be that person?  Are you ready to RV?

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