Income on the Move!

One of the first things that come up when you tell someone you want to travel or are traveling full time is – how do you make money?  It always comes up, it is something that everyone wants to know.  Are you a trust fund baby, did you win the lottery, or are you standing on the corner with a sign begging for change?  The answer for most is none of the above.

There are several ways to earn income from the road, it is no different that living in a traditional setting and wanting to earn money.  All it takes is some research, dedication and sometimes a little creativity to build some funding for your dreams!


For several reasons, reselling is the number one idea that we place on our list.  Why?  Because it is our number one income stream.  By working with resale, we were able to purchase our travel trailer and it has us a few steps away from the truck to pull it.  We plan on continuing this income stream on the road for two big reasons – it makes good money and it is a lot of fun for us!

We use several avenues to acquire items and also several ways to sell our items.  This helps us keep our inventory low by moving items quickly.  This is something that will be crucial to us out on the road, as we will not have the storage we do presently for items.  When we need inventory we search out auctions, estate sales, garage sales and hit up flea markets.  There is an abundance of things to flip for some greenbacks if you take the time to look.  Once we have our items we use Facebook Marketplace, EBay, Amazon, Craigslist and flea market setups to sell our wares.  It is a fun and easy way to make money for travel, it fits the lifestyle very well.

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Work Camping

Yep, it is exactly how it sounds.  You work where you camp.  There are many different positions that can be filled by full time RV travelers across the United States in the places they want to see.  How cool is that? 

You will be basically trading your time for a spot to park your home on wheels.   Some of these gigs come with extra pay and some are simply volunteer positions, either way it is free rent.  Let’s take a look at that savings.

The average American pays $1029.00 a month on their mortgage or $1200.00 a month rent.  How is that for saving a ton of moolah!  We all know saving money is the same as making money, so consider the next thing, your utilities are also included!  Yes, so there is also a large savings to your budget, I know our utilities alone are another $400 or more a month over our rent payment!  

So along with the great savings that you get with your FHU site, some of these positions will come with pay as well.  It all depends on how much you want to work and where you want to be!

Workers on Wheels and Workamper are great websites to get you started looking for the right position for you!

Social Media

Yeah, social media is not just for watching the crazy antics of someone’s cat.  Actually it is perfectly built for building businesses, I know that just burst everyone’s bubble.  Sorry, but the people that put these sites up are not concerned with what you ate for breakfast this morning, they are concerned with getting your information so they can sell you something!

So why not use it to your advantage.  Social media is truly an undervalued commodity for spreading the word about your brand.  If you have something of value that you can add to the community, you can sell it on social media.  Pick your poison – Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube or any of the other websites that I have left out.  They are all great ways to connect to a much larger audience that you can locally.  If you are on the move constantly this is a major thing!  

The big thing here is, you can promote anything on social media.  Accountants, plumbers, doctors, lawyers, motivational speakers or basically any other job out there can become a gold mine for the person that does it correctly.  I know someone that only puts pictures of fast food restaurants on Instagram and makes a very, very good living.

This is an area where we are just in the beginning phases of our research, but our followers and visitors are climbing rapidly daily.  Take a look across YouTube or Instagram, do a little research and this could become a possibility for you as well!

Normal Jobs

How about take your career with you or get a regular career that can go along the highway with you?  That is what a lot of full time travelers do and it works very well for them.  If your an engineer, graphic artist, photographer, writer, data analyst, or a million other things then the career can go with you to many places.  The internet has helped pave that way!

Okay, so you don’t have any of the skills above or a job that can go with you right now.  That is no reason to stop chasing your dream to travel.  Get on Indeed, Monster or any of the job sites and look up remote work.  There are a ton of customer service positions, online teaching, chat assistants and that is just to name a few positions out there.  It pays to just go do a regular job search out on the internet.

Don’t be afraid to go sign up for a temp service.  They usually have many positions to choose from and if your going to be in an area for a few months, they could find you a great paying position while your there!  I would recommend a nationwide temp service, that way you will already be registered with them anywhere you go.

Affiliate Marketing

Many people will have vlogs, blogs or social media sites to go along with their full time travels so they can share the adventure.  These sites are great for adding a link to your favorite gear, stores or services and receiving a commission for sending them traffic.  Amazon is widely known for their affiliate marketing plan, we use them for our websites.  You can find affiliates anywhere – Lowes, Home Depot, Target and thousands of companies use this strategy to get traffic to their sites.

The great thing about affiliate marketing is that it does not cost you anything and if your viewers want to support you it is great for them as well.  A lot of people shop online these days, so it is a convenient way for them to help you out as well.  They were going to buy light bulbs on Amazon, then they go to your link, purchase and their you go!  A few dollars of commission is headed to your account.  The great thing is it’s completely free for them!

We use Amazon here on our website to help fund our travels!  If you make purchases on Amazon, please use our link BELOW and help support the journey!


There are plenty more ways to make money and keep your journey moving down the road.  Don’t be afraid to get creative, work hard and always research new and exciting ways to earn a moving income!  Who knows?  You may be the next millionaire just waiting for your moment!


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