Christmas Ideas for RV’ers!

What about the holidays in an RV full time, where do you put the presents?  What do you get full time RV families?  Well that time is upon us again and sometimes family and friends have a hard time figuring out what a family out on the road need.

Gift Cards/Memberships!

Yeah a lot of people out there find gift cards boring, but for full time families these are absolutely great to get!  So many out there to choose from that will help out those on the road and they take up no room!  Internet is sometimes spotty on the road, so a card to places like Starbucks, large book stores and even McDonald’s are awesome. These places are great to stop for a bite and soak up some free WiFi!    Walmart the retail giant is always a good choice, their gift cards can be used for items needed, food or gas!  Can’t get better than that for a family out on the road!

Now, memberships are also such a great idea!  There are so many memberships that can save full timers a ton of money and help add them some convenience during their travel. 

Number one on this list is the America the Beautiful Pass,  this membership allows free access into our nations wonderful parks all year long.   That will get a huge WOW out of any full time family! 

There are also memberships that allow free camping in amazing places like Harvest Hosts or Boondockers Welcome!  These will make a huge splash and add a ton of value to those who’s homes are on wheels! 

Another great one is Passport America!  The Passport America membership gives members a 50% discount to over 1800 RV parks and at time of this article is only $44.00 per year!

Small Gifts Great for RV!

If they don’t already have it already, a United States Sticker Map is a really cool gift for the full timer.  Great for the whole family, but kids will love to put the stickers on the states they have visited!

Travel journals are an excellent choice for  full time traveler!  Small and can be taken anywhere to write done thoughts, places and notes real quick.  This is a very thoughtful present that will be appreciated every time!

Hiking and outdoor fun is always on tap while traveling across North America.  So any type of hiking gear will be appreciated, one thing that everyone needs while outdoors is to stay hydrated.  For this reason, a great sport bottle is a perfect present for the outdoor adventurer!

There are many idea’s beyond the three we have mentioned here.  Kids love camera’s to take their own photos and there are plenty of economy items out there to choose from.  Welcome mats, t-shirts, and the list goes on, just be mindful that it needs to be something that stores easily.

Presents Full Timer’s Need!

So there are those really cool gadgets and neat looking items that you can grab that will be very unique!  But there are also presents that can just be helpful to those out on the road and will be appreciated beyond the max!

Batteries are always needed out on the road.  All sizes and shapes will be a great surprise to any RV’er.  There are always lanterns or tools that need these batteries and it is great to put in a stocking!

Walkie Talkies are exceptional gifts that all those backing up a trailer or if they have kids will love!  These are used quite often and are a major help to a couple as they back up a trailer or our out seeing the sites in different area’s.  Great for parents with kids, out in some boondocking places it will give them some room to roam and stay in touch at all times!  Very thoughtful gift that everyone can enjoy!

Another great idea is to give light to your full timer!  Lanterns are extremely nice to set outdoors when sitting at picnic table or taking that night walk to the bathroom area.  These come in so many varieties with battery power, solar power or rechargeable.  Any of these will be appreciated by those on the road.

Many outside the RV world would not even give a second thought to this idea.  But those that stay in the hard to find spots where there are no hookups will absolutely LOVE these EPIC WIPES!  When trying to conserve water and stay in a spot longer these wipes will be a dream come true!

Water connections, sewer wrenches, tire gauges and so many other small items can help a full timer stay comfortable out there on the road!

There are some LARGE items!

There are some larger items for RV’ers that will be extremely appreciated if they have the storage for them!  These would be great for friends or family members that are a little more aware of the full timers travel style.

Something for those that want to stay connected is some sort of cellular booster!  This is an item that will be on our list this year and so many in the RV community speak to this need while on the road.  These can also be put with an exterior antenna that will help you out even more!

Mattresses in RV’s have always been known to be extremely uncomfortable.  A nice cushy memory foam mattress topper makes a much needed and appreciated present to your friend that lives out of the RV.  

There are also to many things to list here like Instapots, dash cams, backup cameras, 12v inverters, solar, batteries and on down the line.  I caution though with larger purchases, make sure that it is something that is needed and can fit in the RV comfortably. 

I do caution everyone on these larger gifts to make sure it is practical for the RV’er.  Although it will be so much appreciated and loved, sometimes larger gifts cannot be accommodated due to space limitations.

Always Appreciated!

It is customary in our American culture to give gifts on Christmas and it is a fun time to be had by everyone.  So many things will be enjoyed and appreciated.  But also remember that the holidays are meant to spend with friends and family the most.  Those are the moments you will share forever in your mind.  Remember that those who chose to live with less, chose this lifestyle to make memories and your time with them matters more than any material gift could ever give!

Happy Holidays Everyone!  Have safe and fun travels!

As you can see this article contains affiliated links for Amazon.  If you are buying any items online this year from Amazon it would be greatly appreciated to go to the website through one of our links.  It is completely free for you to use, but helps us continue our journey!  We appreciate each and everyone of our visitors!


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