Income: Downsizing

Turning your chaos into your dream!

Hopes and dreams are amazing things, they give us some sunshine a lot of times when the skies around us are grey.  But the thing is, there is a way to turn those dreams into goals and eventually they can become your reality!

Our dream is to travel North America together as a family in our RV experiencing everything possible to us!  Your dream may look a little different, but it is attainable.  There are many ways to meet your goals and we would love to share the plan we followed to experience success!

First off, to move into a 26 foot travel trailer, we had to get rid of a lot of stuff! You will never believe what we found as we started downsizing our life – a lot of junk!  I know, boring right?  I bet you were excited to hear we found a Babe Ruth rookie card or one of our hall paintings was a true Picasso and we were magically whisked away to our dream, not quite.  

How do I start?

The very first place you start is right on top of your shoulders, start with mindset.  You need to have a very specific goal in mind and then turn it into an obsession in your mind. It is tough to overcome a material addiction, so you have to change your mindset to want something greater.  Every time you are at the store and something looks good to buy, ask yourself – “Does this item get me closer to my goal”.  If it doesn’t, then it is an item you don’t need.

Up next, the dirty work begins.  Pick an area in your home to begin your journey.  The closet, the junk drawer in the kitchen (yeah everyone has one), the garage or the extra bedroom.  It doesn’t matter, pick one and start finding your junk.  Ask when was the last time the item was used – a month, 6 months, never?  Get rid of it.  That is how you start, downsize the things out of your home.  Most average homes have over $2000 in material things just sitting there.  That is a lot of money just to be collecting dust!

You need to organize the items that you are pulling out, because these items will become an extra income source for your goals.  We divided our items into 3 certain categories – online sales, garage sale and donation.  The good stuff that will sell on EBay and Facebook Marketplace went into the online sales group.  The items that didn’t make that cut but still could turn a small profit – garage sale group.  Then there were items we just simply donated due to low sales in the other two groups.  So how does someone know what category to put the items in – we will cover that in another article.

Turn that Junk into Greenbacks

There are 3 ways that we used to turn the downsized items in our home into savings for the ultimate goal.

  1. Online Resell – We used two major names.  EBay and Facebook Marketplace served us very well and are easy to learn.  They both have their place on certain items and if you would like to learn more about them, get in contact with us!
  2. Garage Sales – O yeah, the old fashioned garage sale will bring in the money if it is done correctly.  Don’t forget to promote your sale to have an epic day.
  3. Consignment Auctions – This type of selling was our last resort.  It is not all rainbows and sunshine in the resell business, there are going to be things that don’t sell from time to time.  After 60 days with an item, we took a bulk shipment to our favorite consignment auction and turned it into some dollar bills.


Now, you will quite a few items that just won’t be suited for the sales groups or items you feel someone in need could use.  Please by all means, donate them to help out – kindness is the best thing we can see in this world!

But, what some people don’t know is that by donating – you are making money!  Yes, every time you donate you can receive a receipt that will allow you to take a credit on income tax.  Your doing a great thing and receiving a great thing all at one time.  

Build your dream!

This is just a sample of the ways we are using to continue living our dream.  We will get more in depth with how to use the different tactics for resell to help you achieve success towards your goal in later articles or you are welcome to contact us at any time!

I would like to share something with you here that I struggled with.  That is the fact that sometimes the sales will come fast and then there will be slower days.  The slower days always got me down a little until I realized, I am still moving forward and I am still learning everyday and I am focused on my goal.  So keep up your journey, have fun with it, experiment with different tactics and most of all succeed!


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