Costs: Travel Style

One of the first questions that always come up whenever you tell people you travel in your RV full time is cost.  Everyone wants to know how you afford to travel all the time and see things while out on the road.

This is actually a great topic to discuss whenever you are starting out and planning your own journey like this.  Good to know your options and how to stretch that dollar a little farther.  So we would like to tackle this knowledge by starting with a conversation on travel styles.

Your travel style will greatly effect your cost of living while on the road.  You can be a road warrior, chewing up as many miles as possible or you can also slow the pace way down to crawl also.  There is no right way to do this, it just has to be your way and fit in your budget.

The Road Warrior:

Most people start out this way.  Living like they are on vacation and quickly realize it is the most expensive way to travel.  Moving every few days, seeing and doing vacation style destinations on these days will eat up the greenbacks quickly.  But if you have the money, it can be a fun lifestyle.  Keeping up with this traveling style will be tough long term though.  It will take a special kid of individual for this style, a true road warrior!

The Casual Traveler:

This type of traveler moves a little slower and changes their scenic view about every 7 days.  They usually do this to get a weekly rate at the places that they stay.  This rate will get you some sort of discount of a nightly rate and that helps your wallet a little.

This style will also give you a few days to see the sights, but also give you a few days just to relax in the area or just at the RV.  One major thing to discuss here also, this travel style will give you the chance to meet some of your neighbors and possibly great lifelong friends.  As you stay in places longer, the more people you will encounter.

Monthly Movers:

Just like the title says, there are a lot of travelers who will stay in an area a month or possibly two. If you are staying in RV parks or resorts, this is the cheapest way to travel.  Most business will give you great rates if you pay for a month at a time and it gives you some nice time in the area.  

You can actually find some “local” things during this time and really get to know the area well.  This will also help you save some money in other places as well as just your park rate.  You will save on gas or diesel, because you won’t be moving as much.  You may save on everyday items buy finding deals in the area on groceries and goods.  Probably find the best laundromat if needed that saves you a little change and does a great job.  There are many advantages to this style of travel.  Plenty of time to see the sights in the area without rush, plenty of time to get your normal things done and relax a little.


The last style I will mention here is the seasonal traveler.  Most of people in this category basically have a winter and summer home.  Snowbird is the term often heard with this type of traveler, moving north or to upper elevations when it gets hot.  Then when the wind gets a little chilly they will head south to a warmer climate to spend the season.

I am sure these travelers try different places from year to year, but they will have their favorite spots that they will encounter often.  Just like the monthly traveler, they will keep a lot more dough in their wallet due to less moving of the RV.  

A few others to mention here, stationary full timers and boondockers. 

The stationary full timers live in their RV year round in the same spot and can save a ton of money if they are in a budget friendly park. 

Lastly boondockers!  These are the my money stays in my pocket folks!  They are the true campers without hookups and they will need a article all to their selves. 

Keep coming back, we will be talking about boondocking very soon!  As well as other cost related article for full time RV living!


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