A Different Life


Choices, they are out there for all of us to make.  Most the time they are small decisions that don’t even really stand out – Mayo or Mustard, Turkey or Ham, Wheat or White and you got a sandwich!  But sometimes, the choice goes against the grain.  Sometimes the choice you are making, could be an option that others did not even know was a thing.  Full time travel is one of those things.

You will run across family, friends and sometimes strangers that will hold so many different views of the choice you are making.


Is it going to be expensive?

How will you make money?

Is it safe for your family?

Wow! That is awesome!

You will be overwhelmed with all the questions!  There will be those behind your choice and be so excited for you!  There will be the naysayers and those that could not fathom a lifestyle like this.  Some people will just want to know your plan and will be just interested in the whole process.

The thing is – It is your life!  It is your choice to make and the decision has to be one that meets the ideal life you are trying to build.

We are not a family that loves to be cemented in one place for a long time.  We love to be out experiencing new things, on the move and just figure it out as we go.  Sometimes we can leave the house and our only plan is to head South, after that choice the rest is up to the wind!

Others love the traditional life, with a beautiful home in the spot that they dreamed of.  A place they can nurture over time to be their forever place and something they can be proud of for years and years.

Just remember, it is your choice and as long as it makes you happy – GO FOR IT!  No one else really has a say.  You can answer the questions with smiles and nice nods, but in the end listen to only the voice in your own head.  Be true to the life you want to build.


Be Brave – No matter what the scene in your mind is of your perfect life, go for it!  We only have one life to live and you should enjoy it now, there are no guarantees for a tomorrow.  Don’t wait, it takes some planning – but your goals are achievable if you are willing to work hard for them!


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