Major Milestone

Today Was A Good Day…

As you all know that have been following our journey, we decided to become a full time RV family less than 4 months ago and have been working hard to make meet this goal within 14 months.  WELL today marked a huge time stamp on our journey to become a full time RV family!  We took the big plunge and we brought her home, a 2003 26 foot Coachman Cascade travel trailer.  The day we had been dreaming of for quite some time.  Something we had put a lot of work and sweat into.  The downsizing, selling, shipping and saving was tough, but it sure paid off in the end.  What a major motivation day for the rest of the journey!

Pulling into the drive!

It was actually an unlikely scenario for us at the time.  I was scanning through the Facebook and Craigslist ads like I did every day to just to see if there was an amazing deal out there and then it popped up.  It was listed 3 minutes before I saw it, 2 bunk beds with storage underneath, queen size bed, all appliances work and best of all – four miles from our house!  I could not type a message fast enough to the owner and my wife, it was one of those moments where the clouds part and that big bright light shines right down on you!  Turns out the owner knew my brother and since we were really interested he held it for us 3 days until we could manage a meetup time.  This was something many people would not do, including myself probably so I really am grateful to him.  He had 44 messages on the trailer during that time.

Now actually this trailer was priced just right and looked amazing, but we were a little light in the back pocket to buy it.  So with the excitement and commitment we had to earn this lifestyle, we ate a lot of whatever was left in the cupboard that next week to squeeze out the rest of the money.

We went to check it out on a Saturday evening before my son’s 12th birthday party and were amazed at how clean it was, we jumped on it.  All smiles from the time we walked up until we handed them our hard earned cash.  Extremely nice people to work with and very helpful.

The next day my dad went with me to pick it up with his ton pickup, you have to remember at this point we don’t have the truck to pull the trailer.  It was an easy nice pull back to the house and we backed it up right next to the end of the house.  I think I was looking out of the mirror the entire ride back home, thinking WOW we did it! The next few days consisted of just going out and sitting in it.  Dreaming up the remodeling picture and how we would make it our home on wheels that will take us to all the amazing adventures we want to share as a family.  Our daughter kept going out and laying in her bunk instead of in her room, I think she was already dreaming of being on the road.  So glad the kiddos are as excited as we are!

So folks, a win is a win, and today was a HUGE win for us.  We are essentially 10 months away from our goal to be on the road experiencing all that North America has to offer and this win has just filled our sails with more motivation to meet that goal.  It takes all the small and large wins along the way to keep pushing you to meet that end goal.  Are next big win will come in the purchase of a truck to pull our travel trailer to all the destinations along the way!  Please keep following along, commenting to us and hopefully starting your own journey right along with us!

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