Hill Country, Texas!

Texas is huge, Texas has so many landscapes to see and the Hill Country is one of our favorites!  We recently had an amazing trip to South Central Texas to experience Austin and the surrounding hill country.  It was not only amazing for the scenery but also because we were able to be in town as our nephew was being born!


We started out on a Sunday, touring the downtown area around the capitol.  The Texas capitol building is a beautiful piece of architecture.  Our kids joined a HUGE group of people playing Pokemon Go and had an amazing time.  We took a tour through this handsome building and learned some interesting facts!  The first fact that was really unique is that going with Texas tradition – It is the largest capitol building in the United States and that includes the Nations Capitol!


There is an an amazing seal on the rotunda floor that symbolizes the different flags that Texas has flown under.  The Texas history is as big and wide as the state!

Austin is a proud city and it’s motto is “Keep Austin Weird”, which is what they do so well.  The city is just so vibrant and fun filled, with plenty of things to keep your head spinning!  Don’t miss what Austin has to offer when you visit Texas!

Don’t miss Zilker park in the heart of Austin or Barton Springs which is an amazing natural pool there.  Graffiti park never disappoints, even if you have been there before it changes daily with all the great artists that go there.  You like the nightlife?  Try out 6th street and let your ears feel the joy of Texas style music everywhere, dance the night away!  Whatever your pleasure, Austin has you covered.

While in the area, we wanted to experience the hill country surrounding Austin.  The space southwest of the city is worldwide known for it’s scenic views.  You think of cowboy country in the movies, this is the area.

We headed out of Southwest Austin toward Fredericksburg which was the major destination we wanted to see.  Actually we were after some authentic German food and this is the place to come get it!

Along the way we passed so many large ranches, wineries and small towns that could be a day trip all by themselves.  As we got to the small town of Fredericksburg it is apparent why so many make it a destination.  Wow what a town with a little bit of everything going for it.  We walked among the shops, ate at Wheelers Restaurant a great place to get some authentic German food, tried some craft beer and just soaked up what the town had to offer.

Then it was time to start heading back toward Austin, of course we took the scenic route as often times we do.  Slowly making our way back we had to make a stop at the famous Luckenbach, yeah the one from the song!  Waylon, Willie and none of the boys were there, it was a pretty quiet afternoon, but fun knowing we experienced it.  I will definitely come back to this mecca just to pick a few songs some day though!

As we made our way back, we wanted to stop in at the small town of Wimberely, it known for it’s art groove, but most things we closed by the time we got there.  It will be on or list to come back to see, because it was a fun looking town.  Along the way to the town we stopped off at one of major springs that this part of Texas is known for- Jacobs Well and it was a delight.  We got a little hike in and the spring was amazing!


Jacob’s Well is a spring near the towns of Wimberley and Dripping Springs. The spring is fed by the Trinity Aquifer, which pushes up water through the well and into nearby Cypress Creek.

That cool water has kept locals and visitors to the Hill Country spot cool for hundreds of years. It can also be a dangerous place, free-divers probe the well, sometimes as deep as 100 feet, maneuvering into thin openings into underwater caves. So if you go, make sure to jump in but don’t dive down deep there are many caverns under the opening to get lost into!


As our week came to a close, we had one more place to stop.  We have been there a few times and it never gets old – Round Rock Donuts!  We love them and one of the large ones can fill our whole family up, with a big glass of milk of course.

Well we headed back to Oklahoma filled up on the hill country for a little while, we cannot wait to come back and stay a little longer!


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