Downsizing – Start Your Journey


Clean out that junk drawer, a closet, kitchen or the garage – just get started now!  It was our lifeline, the material things we had accumulated over the years.  The “stuff” we thought we had to keep around, but never used.  Well now that we have decided to kick the material habit and start living for the experience, that “stuff” serves a major piece in our plan!

Sell it all!

Sound drastic?  Maybe it is, but for us it really comes down to this – do we want things or do we want adventure?  We choose adventure every day and will as long as we are able to.  We used this plan to fuel our first major purchase toward this new life in less than four months.  So if your like us, take a look at how we started our plan and maybe it will help you start yours!


Full disclosure, we used to sell antique items on EBay about 8 years ago for a short stint and knew how it worked.  But honestly we believed it was kind of an ancient website and no one really used it anymore, boy were we wrong!  It was a great additional income stream for us to start saving by.  But wait you ask, you have to have something to sell first don’t you?  Well we did and so do you!

We started by going through the house and picking up things we haven’t used in six months or have never used!  In our kitchen we made a lot of donations – we have an 18 year old getting ready to go to college, so appliances were claimed!  But there were also a lot to sell.  Then came some closets, Wow – clothes go fast when you get to looking at what you can’t or don’t wear.  The closet in our room – two garbage bags full of nice clothes to sell just from my wife and I.  Little electronics still in boxes from past Christmas that no one used, games we played a few times and then never again.  I think you get the picture here.


Use your excess to grow your savings for the things that you need.  I heard or read somewhere that the average American has over $2,000 in junk just laying around the house.  That right there if your a handy person, could possible buy your first RV.  This is how we bought our travel trailer after less than four months of saving.  Yes there was some learning curves to overcome or it may have been faster, but we were proud of the plan and how fast we were able to purchase.  This could be you as well, we have a plan to prove it.

We will be the first people to admit, overcoming the material addiction is hard.  There are many things that you just want to hang on to.  But you have to keep your eyes on the main goal and go at it with all the passion in the world.  Know that the experiences you can have, will far out weigh the “things” you have.


Our dream is to travel with our family full time across North America in an RV.  Your dreams may be different, but this plan can work for your goals as well.

Start in the Corners!

This is a little saying we came up with to get people started on this journey.  This is a place to begin, the spark to get you going.  Start in the corners – in the corners of you home are where things accumulate.  That small bookshelf, the knick knack shelf, an old reading lamp that is never turned on, I know you all know what I am talking about.  Get a hold of them, get some pictures of them and sell them as quick as possible.  It will start a snowball of events, I guarantee.  When that transaction is made, you put a few greenbacks in the savings account then other things will start flying out of your home.

If your like us and want to travel full time in an RV, then always tell yourself – where is it going to fit?  If it doesn’t fit then sell it!  You will get the train rolling by starting in the corners and it will gain momentum.  Pretty soon the kids, dog and cat will be hiding when you come down the hall, thinking they will be sold next.  If that happens, you will know your on the right track.


Downsizing all the clutter in your home will help you get a major jump on your goal.  Also clearing away this junk in your life starts to clear your mind as well, less to worry about, less to clean, less to need laying around.  Your mind is more at peace and can focus cleanly on the task at hand.  The plan will unfold itself to you along the way!

Catch a glimpse at the major purchase we made in less than 4 months of starting our amazing downsizing journey!

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Need some help with your downsizing plan, message us at any time or leave a comment below!  We would love the opportunity to get you started in the right direction!


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