Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art

We recently had the opportunity to travel through Northwest Arkansas and view it with the wonderful fall colors everywhere.  Even though a photograph cannot even touch the beauty of it in real life, we would love to share our experience with you!



The Museum:


The Crystal Bridges art collection offers an amazing overview of American art, including American masterworks as well as, lesser-known gems from the colonial era to today. Sculpture can be viewed both in interior galleries and on the outdoor trails. The Museum’s permanent collection galleries are refreshed regularly, with new acquisitions. Works from the Museum’s vaults are displayed on a rotating basis for familiar guests and a changing array of special focus groupings and temporary pieces of light-sensitive works.

I will be the first to admit none of the participants in our group are art critics.  But I do say it is safe to say we all found beauty in different pieces, things that caught our eye.  Even if we may not understand everything about certain pieces, there was always something there that was unique and wonderful.  Made me think – if we would all treat each other with this same detail and respect, the world would be a much happier place.


The experience of and appreciation for nature is central to the mission of Crystal Bridges. The museum is situated on 120 acres of native Ozark forest which include natural springs, streams, geographical features, and a host of native plants and animals. Their dedicated Trails and Grounds team are committed to the use of native plants in the landscape, and work year-round to keep the grounds beautiful and healthy for all to enjoy.

The trails here, we would rate as easy to moderate.  Most are handicap accessible with nice concrete pathways and beautiful views.  There are a few that go beyond the concrete onto dirt and up the sides of small hills to give you a little bit of a workout.  All along the way,  there will be something interesting to look at!

Best of All!

One of the most important things people on a budget want to know is the price.  Well happy to report you can take all this in for free!  Yes, I said free.  Crystal Bridges is located in Bentonville, Arkansas which is the home of Wal-Mart.  The retail giant sponsors the museum and all the visitors get to see this wonder without cost!

There is dining area also here, where you can sit over there attractive pond with huge catfish and other fish to look at.  A very nice setting for a lunch or just to sit for coffee.

Our family would highly recommend if you are in the area, take a nice detour and visit this wonderful place.  It has so much to offer in a day trip!

Just a little goofing off!

We are such amateurs!

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