About Us

Downsize2Drive – RV Life Simplified


A casual conversation while driving back home one day changed our family’s entire perspective on life!  We wanted more experiences in life, wanted to make memories together and then we decided to do it!


Our family loves being on the move.  We get bored easily when our feet stay in the same place too long, so the decision wasn’t a hard one for us to make at all!  The hard part came in the planning! 

We took on a plan to DOWNSIZE our “junk”.  Use those material things we shed to fuel a plan.  Then use that fuel to DRIVE North America in an RV to see the amazing places we wanted to experience.

That is the story of our name:  Downsize2Drive

If you have found yourself thinking about a life with less material and more experience, the hope is that our journey will be the spark you need to turn your dream into reality!

So come join us, subscribe to the blog to become a DRIVER and see what we are up to!  Join us on one our social media sites for more pictures and video!  Donate below to help us keep the content moving!  Send us a comment at anytime, we love to hear from like minded individuals like you!

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